Advanced Products Corporation Pte Ltd (APC)

APC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Venture Corporation Limited (SGX: V03), a global provider of technology services, products and solutions.  APC specializes in Embedded Systems Design & Development.  

Years of experience in embedded system solutions has allowed APC to developed core expertise and deep-bench knowledge with in-depth appreciation of the ecosystem for embedded solutions, as well as the business needs and requirements of customers.  APC has been delivering best-in-class solutions, both hardware and software tools, including advanced platforms and complete innovative products, designed and built across its global R&D and manufacturing facilities.  Many customers have enjoyed benefits of reduction in development cost, project risk mitigation, shortened product development cycle and faster time-to-market.

Keeping a keen focus on its domain expertise, APC is uniquely positioned as an end-to-end total solution provider with VEST (Venture Embedded Solutions Technology) brand of products;  additional products and technology beyond core systems to meet the demanding needs of various applications; as well as an extensive ecosystem of global services, support, and partners to address critical needs during each phase of the project, from design and development through to deployment and ongoing maintenance.

With the pace of technology advancement accelerating and the pressure to do more with less, take advantage of what APC can offer, domain expertise in embedded solutions, scalable and flexible to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Venture Corporation Limited

Venture (SGX: V03) was founded in 1984 as a global electronics services provider. Today, it is a leading global provider of technology services, products and solutions with established capabilities spanning marketing research, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability, supply chain management, as well as product refurbishment and technical support across a range of high-mix, high-value and complex products.

In 2015, Venture achieved sales of S$2.7 billion with annual profit of S$154 million.

The Group has built know-how and intellectual property with domain expertise in printing and imaging; advanced storage systems and devices; handheld interactive scanning and computing products; RF communications and network; test and measurement equipment; medical devices and life science equipment; retail store solution suite of products and industrial products and installations.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Group comprises about 40 companies with global clusters of excellence in South-east Asia, North Asia, America and Europe and employs more than 12,000 people worldwide.