DcDK Application for Android

DcDK (Device Control Development Kit) Application is a software development tool kit for Android that allows developers to directly access peripheral Hardware and I/O buses in their system from Java User Space beyond what is supported natively by Android.

DcDK Application consists of System, Bus and Device Libraries. DcDK bus and device libraries provides an easy-to-use Java Interface and Class with the various necessary Java APIs required to control attached I/O devices on different buses via embedded Android.

Quick Start Guide User Guide
  • DcDK Application Libraries enable control of peripheral H/W & I/O bus without the need to modify any of the Android/Linux OS code saving time & effort.
  • Supports direct access to SPI, I2C, UART, PWM and GPIO
  • Support for mikroBUS™ Interface Board
  • Develop Device Driver Java Class for peripheral H/W attached to different buses
  • System libraries provides system settings
  • Support full screen mode/Kiosk mode
  • Ethernet settings
  • DcDK libraries upgrade
  • DcDK Application enables a Rapid-Prototyping Development platform which saves months in the product development
  • Simplifies system architecture and reduce software complexity
  • Tap into easy-to-use single rich high-level Java development environment
  • Leveraging on Java’s advantages where it has wealth of libraries and APIs for many applications.
  • Robust S/W Tools for debugging and improvement of S/W reliability/quality
  • Includes security scanning tools and vulnerability testing tools
  • Easy to create simulators/emulators that runs on multi-platform for other departments’ usage (e.g. marketing, human factor research…)