Embedded Software

Each of our SoMs and Development Platforms is supported by both Linux and Android embedded operating system.

Embedded Linux

We are committed to enabling our customers to prototype their embedded products using Embedded Linux on VEST VKxxxx development platforms. With Yocto emerging as the easiest way to find most components to create an Embedded Linux system for many SoCs, customers can make use of VEST’s meta layers for Yocto and build a custom Linux system and create the compiler tool suite required to build their applications. Leveraging the Freescale Community project for i.MX 6 SoCs, the Yocto friendly components from VEST includes the U-Boot, Linux kernel with required drivers and all settings required to quickly build and boot a customized Embedded Linux system on your VKxxxx development platforms.

Click here for Instructions to build Embedded Linux for VKxxxx boards using Yocto.

On top of embedded Linux, VEST development platform can optionally also be updated with latest Boot to Qt stack, which can be used together with Qt development suite (e.g. Qt Creator) to quickly develop feature-rich and hardware optimized UI applications.

Coffee Machine User Interface using DcDK Application for Android.

Embedded Android

Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and an innovative software platform not limited to smartphones and tablets. It’s also gaining wide acceptance in the embedded world. Android features a wide range of connectivity and secure communication, multimedia capabilities as well as a rich user interface and sophisticated user experience, multitasking, encryption and power management, offering a flexible and customizable Operating System for developing embedded devices.

VEST provides the U-Boot, Linux kernel with required drivers, instructions and all settings required to quickly build and boot a customized Embedded Android on your VKxxxx Development Platforms.

The Java based libraries provided by Google within the Android SDK offer an easy start with application development, even for inexperienced developers. Additional ease is provided by the Eclipse based IDE. Together with VEST DcDK, developer can direct access peripherals hardware and IO from Java user space, developing application for embedded devices to study your idea, evaluate your embedded concepts, performing feasibility study, qualify solutions and algorithms early and getting your embedded product to market faster.

To learn more about building Embedded Android for VKxxxx boards and VEST DcDK