ViO is a highly flexible development platform that can help engineers build Embedded Control System easily and fast.

ViO Real time IO Control (Development) Platform

ViO is a highly flexible development platform that can help engineers build Embedded Control System easily and fast.   

ViO comprises of a main control board (Powered by MCU from Microchip Technology) and supports up to 7 expansion boards (on any of the 7 slots and of any type) for peripheral device control.  It can be configured either as a standalone device or controlled by a host PC (or another embedded system).  4 types of expansion (or daughter) boards are available – Power Control, DC motor, Stepper motor and Sensor.

The main controller board automatically identifies the type of daughter board connected and  peripheral device controls is simply configured through ViO IDE.

There are 2 main control board configurations:

  1.  ViOb (Basic) Package – includes ViO basic firmware and API library.  ViOb firmware source code is provided to the user as a base code for application development.  It comes with an API library for low level driver setup and configuration.  This helps to shorten the development time as the user does not required to be familiar with the low level driver definitions.
  2. ViOe (Enhanced) – includes ViOe firmware and ViO IDE software.  ViO IDE is a development tools for user to develop their embedded control application, no coding is required.  For more advanced user, embedded flow control can be developed with Flow Control Language (FCL) scripting.

Key features of ViOe firmware includes,

  • Gcode protocol support for stepper motor control
  • FCL scripting support
  • *Open and close loop power control support.
  • *Up to 2 control loops with each Power Control Daughter Board.

*Upcoming Features

Flow Control Language (FCL) is a very light script language designed specially for ViOe.  The FCL engine is part of the ViOe firmware which is pre-programmed into the main board in the factory.  

A FCL workflow can be designed, precompiled and saved into ViO non-volatile memory through ViO IDE and then executed by the FCL engine independently with or without a host controller.  More information is available in the User manual.

  • 16-bit MCU with extensive Digital Signal Processor (DSP) functionality
  • Up to 70 Mips
  • Supports up to 7 daughter boards simultaneously
  • USB 2.0 OTG-compliant full-speed interface
  • Two ECAN modules that supports CANopen up to 1M baud rate
  • Two I2C modules up to 1M baud rate
  • Two RS232 serial ports up to 400Kbps
  • Two Quad Channel 8-bit voltage output DAC
  • Low ripple 3.3V linear regulator with output current of 800mA

DC Motor Control

ViO supports upto 7-axis control with 7 ViO DC Motor Daughter Board.

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Power Control

ViO supports upto 14 control loops with 7 ViO Power Control Daughter Board.

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More inputs to monitor? ViO supports upto 11 GPIO pins with a single Sensor Daughter Board.

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Stepper Motor Control

ViO supports upto 7-axis control with 7 ViO Stepper Motor Daughter Board.

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